BSC’s Rebuilding Business Nationwide Online Forum

Thursday, November 12, 2020 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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Ideas and connections we're taking away from 
Rebuilding Business Online Forum on Nov. 5, 2020 

Here's what we learned from and about each other in just 60 minutes and what we want to share with you. Next time, let me put your name below, too.

1. Our online forum is a discussion where everyone can and does contribute. 

Resources and rebuilding recommendations from attendees during the Ready Room's Give and Take• Recommended Books:

Intrapreneuring by Gifford Pinchot III (from Jan Triplett, BSC, online to the world) and How to Avoid Bad Hires (especially in the construction trades) from Genevieve Walsh (Walsh's Home Repair, VA)

• Good News:

Hired two new people and looking for more -Genevieve Walsh (Walsh's Home Repair, VA)
• Wisdom and Lessons Learned
Time change in the fall and spring is not done at the same time around the world. So be sure to automate, automate, automate from Yuliya Semak (SIMARGL,llc)


Cosmetics testing lab in the Austin area or Texas (Page Heller, Hopes Creek Consulting)

2. Ideas shared make a big difference to us all.

• From Mentor Zone:

• Dave Nave's  (Dave Nave and Associates) on defining objectives
• Joe Sprangel, Ph.D. (Emmanuel Strategic Sustainability, VA)  (blogpost) Embedded metrology (the science of measurement
• Jan Triplett, Ph.D. (BSC, online to the world) on five+ ways that customers can help you sell with more ideas from Forum attendees. 
• Sharing the Wisdom — guest Page Heller, Hopes Creek Consulting
1. What can be patented
2. Asking the right question: is it worth patenting
3. Cost and time to patent: $30,000 and up to 5 years
4. Resources
5. Coming back to talk about "trade secrets"
• Last Word  — "Resource-full" ideas with Jan Triplett (BSC
This week's resources: new compliance resource for federal contractors
Go here  to get more specifics on the last forum recording (recorded live) or you may use the full link:
Up Next at BSC's Rebuilding Business Nationwide Forum:
Bankruptcy Basics with Josh Meyer, Lincoln-Goldfinch Law
THURSDAY, Nov. 12, 2020, noon-1 CST
Here’s the link to BSC's Rebuilding Business Nationwide Forum RSVP and more information.

It’s every Thursday — same time; same day; same link. Please share.

This coming week’s Share the Wisdom focus is on bankruptcy. We hope you don't need it, but you need to know how it works and what it does and doesn't do. Come hear what Josh Meyer of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law has to say.

Join us each Thursday at noon CST for the Forum's...

  • Ready Room
  • Mentor Zone
  • Last Word and takeaway resources
  • More from you for all of us
    • We want your ideas, questions, suggestions and comments throughout the Forum. This is no clique. 
    • Share how our topics and takeaways would work in your business situation
    • Find great “business buddies” willing to talk openly and frankly about their business and share their expertise 
    • Get to know and understand each other more than just to talk superficially like in a traditional in person or online meeting. 
    • Get information from others from many industries and from all over the country and overseas.
  • Be a guest speaker: Interested in being our "Share the Wisdom" guest expert on a Thursday Forum? Contact me about your idea: Go here to see what our upcoming topics are and who are our speakers. We really push the speaker to our contacts. We do expect that this person will let their network know that they have been asked to speak at the Forum.
Coming soon: Robert Allen, President & CEO, Texas Economic Development Corporation, Doing Business in Texas, Nov. 19


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