BSC’s Rebuilding Business Nationwide Online Forum

Thursday, November 19, 2020 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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We're ready to move forward. Are you?

Up Next at BSC's Rebuilding Business Nationwide Forum: The Texas Economy Going Forward

THURSDAY, Nov. 19, 2020, noon-1 CST

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This weeks Share the Wisdom focus is on the Texas Economic Development Corporation and its role in rebuilding Texas. We were #1 last year. What's the future look like? Get insights from Robert Allen, President and CEO of TxEDC. For a hint of what you'll learn, go to their new website:

Mentor Zone: What to do when your customer competes with you? from Jan Triplett (BSC) and more management tips from Dave Nave (Dave Nave and Associates).

Mark your calendar: 
Cheryl Jones, Simply the Best Results,  Procrastination Advice, Dec. 3
Ideas and connections from BSC's Rebuilding Business Online Forum on Nov. 12, 2020 

What we learned from and about each other in just 60 minutes and what we want to share with you. Next time, let me put your name below, too.
1. Our online forum is a discussion where everyone can and does contribute. 
Resources and rebuilding recommendations by attendees during the Ready Room's Give and Take session
• Recommendations: 
Books, articles, cross fertilization of ideas from other industries, and rebuilding events on sales and hiring from Genevieve Walsh, MBA, (Walsh's Home Repairs, VA)  and Cheryl Jones (Simply the Best Results, San Antonio, TX).
Plus, we got an end of year tax tip from Michael Edwards (Precision Bookkeeping, Austin), intellectual property resource from Page Heller, (Hopes Creek Consulting College Station, TX), and more.
• Requests:
Yuliya Semak, SIMARGL LLC (Austin and Poland),  is asking business owners to share their biggest pain points when it comes to business management or what they wish their product could do using technology.

2. Ideas shared make a big difference to us all.
• Mentor Zone:
Dave Nave's  (Dave Nave and Associates, WA) on the biggest mistake you can make in business - read about #25
Joe Sprangel, Ph.D. (Emmanuel Strategic Sustainability, VA)  (blogpost) IIoT for manufacturing

• Sharing the Wisdom — guest  Josh Meyer, Lincoln-Goldfinch Law firm  told us about the three bankruptcy options (7, 11, and 13), when to use which one, and what to do next. 
He also suggested we change our attitude with this quote from the Supreme Court in 1934:
"[Bankruptcy] gives to the honest, but unfortunate deader a new opportunity in life and a Clearfield, for your effort unhampered by the pressure and discouragement, a preexisting debt."

Here's something else to think about: Did you know that bankruptcy helped build America? It certainly played a key role in the early days of Texas. Ups and downs are what happens in personal and business life. You will want to hear and read what Josh had to say specifically that's applicable to your business or the businesses of others you work with or sell to. Creditor discussion was very enlightening.

For specific rebuilding ideas from forum attendees, go to ) or you may use the full link (link expires 11-27-2020)


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